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At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind.
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  How It Works

There is always much curiosity around the hiring and occupation of a personal chef. Here's a bit about the process, affordable ways to budget, and how it all works.

Life, Easier

Besides cooking, our job is to get you and your family to the table where you can sit down with ease together. Our bustling lives make it difficult to find time to just sit, let alone cook, and enjoy a meal leisurely with our family. This is where Farm to Fork comes in…

We begin the cooking day at the market where we select the best possible local and sustainably grown produce, meats and other ingredients. In your kitchen, we prepare your meals, store them in your fridge or freezer, label them with reheating instructions, clean up, and leave you with your menu.

Who Hires a
Personal Chef?

Our clients are often short on time and energy. We help them create variety and find healthy new ways of eating.

• Busy families
• Pregnant or new moms
• Career professionals
• Working couples
• Seniors living at home
• People who want to change their eating habits


Generally we come once every other week, on a regular schedule. Depending on which of the sessions you choose we will be in your kitchen between 4-7 hours, just in time for you to come home to a clean kitchen stocked with delicious meals.

Budgeting for a Personal Chef

Having a personal chef do the cooking is affordable if you find yourself eating out at restaurants a few times a week, are too often ordering take-out and passing through the fast-food drive-through, buying stacks of frozen pre-packaged foods at the market and other convenience foods, and are constantly throwing out moldy heads of lettuce and blocks of cheese from the fridge into the garbage can.

Contact Heather for details, pricing and scheduling at or by phone at 612.248.8163.
  Client Praise

"We have so enjoyed
your meals. This next installment looks
equally amazing!"


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