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At home I serve the kind of food I know the story behind.
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Why Eat Local

Read how buying local supports farmers and conserves energy.


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  Real Food

Eating well, and being mindful about it is more than just intention. We know we should eat better, and that buying local food is better than food shipped in from miles away. But it may not always be that easy. It takes time to plan, shop, cook and clean. But what about the work that is done before that food even gets into your fridge. We advocate for the farmers; those who raise our meats, dig the dirt for our carrots, and coax stubborn beets out of the soil. That makes us feel good to know that we are supporting a local economy. And it makes the food taste better, and is more nutritious.

With Farm to Fork our job is to make dinner, but it’s also to make connections between you and what you eat. We advocate for real food, food that is locally-sourced, seasonally-minded, and produced in a sustainable and organic way.

You’ll always be eating well with Farm to Fork in the kitchen! We carefully compose menus that are vegetable-centered but emphasize variety with real, wholesome food. Most importantly though the food has a reputation for being utterly delicious!

Real People

Our clients are real people: busy families and professionals, new parents, people who care about being well and eating in a more conscientious way. We cook for our clients the same way we prepare food in our own homes, making simple, delicious, home-style meals with heart.

Why Eat Local
Favorite Farms, Products and Stores
Getting You and Your Family to the Table

  Client Praise

"Each time I sit down to one of your delicious meals I am able to breathe a sigh of relief and luxuriate in the experience."

Gifts that Nourish

Give a unique and delicious gift for any occasion.

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