Save Cedar Summit!


More dairy honors here since my last entry was devoted to that golden beauty, butter.  However, this is an altogether different sort of note.  Cedar Summit Dairy, a local 100% grass-fed certified organic dairy, produces the milk (whole, thank you very much) my family drinks every week, straight from the frosty glass jug.

I just learned in the last week that Cedar Summit, a popular and reputable dairy that has a long history, is in trouble.  The dairy is the path of a new high-voltage power line project called CapX2020 promoted by Xcel energy, among other corporations, that will run 700 miles across Minnesota farmland.  This will mean that Cedar Summit, as well as other small family farms, will need to relocate.

The issue now is that according to a rather unique state law called “buy the farm” the corporation responsible for such a project must compensate a farm for the property, relocation expenses and lost business, but the utility conglomerate involved in this CapX2020 project are fighting against that compensation through intense lobbying.

Not only will Cedar Summit need to move, but because they are a certified organic dairy, once they find another farm they will have to go through the required many-year long organic certification process again.  In the meantime they are vulnerable to losing much of their loyal milk drinkers.

Cedar Summit asks that you sign this petition directed toward the Minnesota Congress that asks their voice to be heard in the matter.  The Land Stewardship Project has other ideas as to how one can help.

Remember folks, however fabulously good and healthy this milk is, this is about more than milk!