Hop, Skip, Even though it’s January


Indeed it is January in Minnesota, although I don’t have to tell you that.  It’s cold robe wraps round us more tightly than a January I can remember now.  But I have found something so small that it’s incredible as to how much joy and warmth it’s brought me this past week.  A seed.  Well, thousands of them actually.  I’ve done it, ordered my long list of seeds for the garden from Seed Savers, that wonderful source of heirloom seeds out of Decorah, Iowa.  And now, frankly, I am truly summer dreaming.

French Breakfast radishes, Purple Top White Globe turnips, Red Russian kale, Jelly Melon cucumbers, Fin de Bagnol beans, Minnesota Midget melons.  Come on, you know those names, like some bird names, just sound like poetry, and you want to hear more.  All this to fill my new, patient backyard.  The one we pulled a full, in-ground pool out of this summer with our own hands and filled with dirt.  All this to accompany the multiple dwarf fruit trees that will also arrive this spring.  I am truly happy, and no amount of windchill and ice can keep me from drawing up plans and tasting those Chioggia beets on my tongue now.

A suggestion.  Order some seeds now to perk you up.  Looking through the Seed Savers catalog is like flipping through the pages of vegetable porn, if you’re into that.  And if we’re in the looking-ahead frame of mind, take a look at my upcoming classes page on my Farm to Fork site and consider joining me for one of them.  I have a few unusual classes this coming up season such as The Solo Cook and By the Book: Cooking from Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse Vegetables.  Should be good and strange.

One thing you shouldn’t put off is joining a CSA farm.  Now, January ironically, is the time to become a member of one of the many farm-share farms.  I have another page up top that flaunts some of my favorite CSA farms and offers advice on how to find one nearby you on the web.  If you can’t get into vegetable porn and desire growing your own vegetables then buying into a CSA farm is a really worthwhile and stylish thing to do.

Happy Eating,