It’s Summer, Get Out!


Tis June.  And I feel as I always do this time of year, slapped up side the head, that summer is here and now is the time to romance it.  In Minnesota it is easy to forget about this glorious warmth and color and the onset of sensory overload.  We’ve these quite sing-songy cardinals in the yard this year who have much to say and much joy.  Riley and I sat on the porch listening to them for a long time this morning.  And everything is green and has on its full skirt, really flaunting it. 

This past weekend I took in the Saint Paul Farmers Market for the first time this year.  It was busy and bustling even at 8am and there more vendors with more things to buy than I’ve seen this time of year before.  Skip past the round man selling grilled brats (or as he advertises them, bratz) and you’ll find spring onions, piles of rhubarb, standing bunches of asparagus, lettuces and radishes.  I can never not accept a sample of Lovetree raw milk cheese when I’m at the market, listening to their spiel over and over again.  I love those people, so gritty and fresh-faced, and lucky to be making such exceptional cheese.  Soon we’ll see the strawberry boxes, the broccolis and cabbages and peas. 

Speaking of the market, I’ve a class coming up in a few weeks at Cooks in Edina called Fresh from the Farmers Market.  Basically, it is like tagging along with me to the farmers market, helping me to carry bags of food, listening me talk to myself in the car on the way home go on about what to make, and then sitting patiently while I whip up a few beautiful dishes using what we found.  You get the gist.  Should be quite fun in that cozy kitchen of theirs, and I should mention that the class is nearly full, so don’t hesitate.  Can’t wait to see you there.

It’s nice to be thinking of and writing on food for a few minutes now, for all I’ve been about lately is home-shopping.  Our newest and ongoing project is buying our first home.  Sounded quite romantic and in this market, quite possible, a few months back.  But now we are exhausted and overwhelmed and finding that many other souls are in deep competition with us.  We are, however, always optimists, and try and get right back up again when we can.  I figure to that buying your first home is also quite a lot like falling in love or having a child, a moment in a life that is worth all the torture and thrill, the ups and downs.  We carry on.  (I can only say now that I hope by my next posting that we will have already signed some papers saying that yes, you are home-owners, and good luck.)

Finally, my other thought this morning was about getting out of the city.  Tired of looking at urban dwellings and listening to the buses huffing by, I decided that I want to plan some pick-your-own afternoons.  Strawberry season is moments away and that seems a good place to begin.  While browsing my Minnesota Grown Directory ( I notice there are so very many places to do pick-your-own, depending on where you are.  One other website I just found that is on this subject is and could be a good place to look.  Get out there.  With the kids.  With your neighbors.  By yourself.  Enjoy and Enjoy this fast, fecund season.