Life Zest


I’m writing to you now nearby a warm window.  Heavens, it’s spring!  I can type that with certainty now.  I’ve noticed everyone and every animal I see is brimming over with vibrating energy.  My toddler, Riley, is full-throttled now, up up and away, in search of something all of the time, in examination mode, always on to the next wild moment.  I’m equally exhausted and enthusiastic over keeping up with her and just joining in that life zest. 

Riley had a bit of a toddler detox the past few months but now is back again eating like there’s no next meal.  And she’ll eat anything (well, nearly) I give her: roasted sweet potatoes, lentil and spinach soup (using her own spoon and bowl), oatmeal with maple syrup and creamy milk.  She makes me want to keep cooking and now that it’s spring and the foods of spring are nearly here I’m impatient about wanting to try out some new foods on her.

I’ve been thinking about the ramp.  It’s fine if you’ve never heard of ramps; even I have a hard time finding them and remembering to eat them when spring comes round.  A ramp is really just a wild leek and is native to harsher climates and is like a scallion in some ways but with more bite and character.  But this year I’m going to try and pay my respects to this underdog of a vegetable, and their time is nearly come to debut in the market.  How about the ramp and egg combination; a perfect meal for a spring evening.  Wash and trim your ramps and chop them into an omelet or frittata with a bit of salt and pepper.  Voila!

‘Tis the time for teaching this spring and summer.  Here is a heads up on a few more upcoming classes I’ll be teaching around the Cities.  I’d love to see you there; it’s too much fun!

At the Wedge Coop:

Personal Chef Tips and Tricks; April 22, Wednesday, 7-8:30pm

Locavore Eating at its Best; May 14, Thursday, 7-8:30pm

Center Stage Vegetables; June 25, Thursday, 7-8:30pm

At Cooks of Crocus Hill:

Digging in to the CSA Box; May 19, Tuesday, 6-9pm

Dinner from the Farmers Market; June 22, Monday, 6-9pm (at the Edina location)

Vegetarian Summer; July 7, Tuesday, 6-9pm

Visit these sites above for more details and reservations. 

Happy spring to you,