We’re Back!


Well, it has indeed been a while.  Mind on baby and not so much on food is mostly to blame.  But Farm to Fork is officially back in business in the next two weeks and I’m looking forward to thinking about food again; real food, not toast with peanut butter, which I’ve been thriving on for the past few months in between nursing, rocking, singing to, and crying with our new daughter, Riley.

But just when I think I’ve forgotten the pleasures of eating, a friend of mine takes me out for one of my first suppers out since giving birth.  Last night, for my birthday, we went to Heartland.  Now, I’m embarassed to admit I’ve never eaten a meal there before which has all to do with the empty pocketbook.  As you know Heartland’s menu celebrates seasonal, midwestern cuisine and it was exciting to read the menu a while reminding myself of what’s actually local and seasonal in January in Minnesota.  Sunchokes, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts, yellow potatoes, pumpkin, fennel, all those of-the-earth foods.  And of course a variety of unusual meat: wild boar, bison, and some beautiful fish options.  I had the pork loin chop with braised red cabbage and stewed apples, which was gorgeous and wintery.  I should say too we had a really marvelous bottle of wine, which really tidied up the meal quite well.

At this point I still have a few openings for cooking sessions come the end of January.  Tell your friends or anyone you know who needs a food boost or help in the kitchen.  Any new moms in your life?  A fridge full of food is the perfect present, as I can personally account for.  As well, I have in the works a series of cooking classes on the horizon I will be teaching on a CSA farm north of the Cities; a spring, summer, and fall class that will be hands-on using what’s on the farm.  I’ll let you know more on that when the time comes.

I wanted to let you know a bit of what I’ve been munching on besides peanut-butter toast since my daughter’s been born.  Right now the citrus is lovely and you should pile a bunch of mandarins or clementines or grapefruit into your shopping cart when at the market.  Not only is this prime citrus season but with the weather behaving in such funny, miserable ways your citrus is key in keeping up your immune system.  A haphazard winter soup I pulled together this past week was yellow potato, curly kale, and cannellini bean in chicken broth.  Add kale or swiss chard to a dish each week and you’ll feel better about things.

I wanted to say thank you to the few who emailed me while I was on my maternity leave with words of encouragement.  One flattering note I received from a past client I worked with one-on-one went like this, “If it means anything to you to spread your beliefs and values about food, I think you have succeeded, and it has brought much value and joy to my life.”  If there’s one thing I know I can do well that is to share my enthusiasm for real food with others, enough to prompt them to explore and educate themselves about the satisfaction and nutrition of real food.  So much fun for me.

Glad to be back now.  Thanks for being patient with me while I created a beautiful little person and turned my world upside down.  Look for much more inspiring and fully packed entries to come.  Be well and eat well…